Our philosophies on breeding are to breed with the standard in mind, but also to have dogs with sweet temperaments, intelligence, and most of all good health.   We are continuing to work towards the betterment of the breed..
Tamara (Couch Potato) and Russell

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Specializing in Basset Hounds, Dalmatians & Doberman Pinschers
Member of:  Basset Hound Club of America
                       Dalmatian Club of America
                       Dalmatian Club of Northern California
                       Doberman Pinscher Club of America
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Yeah!!! we won 1st place in the Portola,CA  parade. With our spotted friends.

Home to several AM/INT Champions. 

Kastle Dalmatian parents are all OFA, Thyroid, Cerf Clear, and BAER Bi-lateral Hearing.  Puppies are all BAER Hearing tested.
Dalmatian Show and Pet quality puppies.

All stud services are only to approved bitches.
Mary Squire-Reed, P.O. Box 20056, Reno, NV., 89515  (775)677-1036
Irina, Viktor & Katia pictured at 6 months